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Batting Partnerships

Grade Type 
Match Format 
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1150 Amandeep Sandhu - Jasmeet Virdi Jalandhar Lions Urban Cricket League1 1 Kings XI Cricket Club Inc.
2102 Satwinder Singh - Kuldeep Sidhu Southern Lions Cricket Club Urban Cricket League5 1 Elite Cricket Club
3186 Abdul Minhas - Ali Hassan Haidari Incredibowls Cricket ClubUrban Cricket League2 1 Southern United 2
487 Suhaib Jilani - Harjinder Singh Chahal Fateh CCUrban Cricket League3 1 Casey Renegades Cricket Club
577 Matin Sultani - Hamed Azadzoi Melbourne Eagles Cricket Club Melbourne Champions Cricket League4 1 Sunrisers Cricket Club 2
6157 SUKHMANDER SIDHU - Taranjeet Cheema Elite Cricket ClubUrban Cricket League3 1 Carnegie United CC
769 Redwan Laghmani - Zarak Aseel Melbourne Eagles Cricket Club Urban Cricket League3 1 Kings XI Cricket Club Inc.
827 Matin Sultani - Muhammad Ghaffar Harmony in Cricket AssociationMelbourne Stars League3 1 Sri Lanka
9No partnerships of 25 runs or greater     
1027 Mushadiq Razmi - Nuwan Costa Harmony in Cricket AssociationMelbourne Stars LeagueGF21 Sri Lanka

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