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Matches Played

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Melbourne Champions Cricket League
North West South League
1 10
2 10
3 Sultani, MatinMelbourne Eagles Cricket Club 10
4 Nawabi, FerozMelbourne Eagles Cricket Club 10
5 Singh Sandhu, RohitpalSouthern Lions Cricket Club 10
6 Singh, JaskiratBadshah's XI Cricket Club10
7 Singh, TanbirSouthern Lions Cricket Club 10
8 Singh, BipanpreetSouthern Lions Cricket Club 10
9 Dhillon, GeetSouthern Lions Cricket Club 10
10 Khan, Javed IMelbourne Eagles Cricket Club 10
11 Taniwal, AbaseenMelbourne Eagles Cricket Club 10
12 Sidhu, Kuldeep SSouthern Lions Cricket Club 10
13 Virk, VarinderSouthern Lions Cricket Club 10
14 sidhu, joraver sHazara Cricket Club10
15 Mehmood, SyedMelbourne Eagles Cricket Club 10
16 Aulakh, SukhdeepSouthern Lions Cricket Club 10
17 Singh, GagandeepSouthern Lions Cricket Club 10
18 Aseel, ZarakMelbourne Eagles Cricket Club 10
19 Sharma, RohitBadshah's XI Cricket Club10
20 Ali, EjazHazara Cricket Club10
21 Laghmani, RedwanMelbourne Eagles Cricket Club 10
22 Mall, RahulBadshah's XI Cricket Club10
23 Singh, PawandeepStar Cricket Club 10
24 singhh, BalpreetBadshah's XI Cricket Club10
25 Asghar, Ali -Hazara Cricket Club10
26 Brar, JagmeetSouthern Lions Cricket Club 10
27 Singh, HarwinderStar Cricket Club 10
28 Singh, KhushwinderStar Cricket Club 10
29 Shergill, Pavitar SHazara Cricket Club10
30 Raza, Alamdar AHazara Cricket Club10
31 Sardar, OmedMelbourne Eagles Cricket Club 10
32 Ali, MortezaHazara Cricket Club10
33 Ali, WajahatHazara Cricket Club10
34 Singh, ManinderjitBadshah's XI Cricket Club10
35 Sadath, Aimal SMelbourne Eagles Cricket Club 10
36 Singh, PrateekSouthern Lions Cricket Club 10
37 Rasool, SalmanMelbourne Eagles Cricket Club 10
38 Jabarkhail, RahmanMelbourne Eagles Cricket Club 10
39 Murtaza, KamranHazara Cricket Club10
40 Sandhu, Manjeet SBadshah's XI Cricket Club10
41 Irfan, SayedHazara Cricket Club10
42 Sandhu, GurpreetBadshah's XI Cricket Club10
43 Kumar, VinitBadshah's XI Cricket Club10
44 Singh, PrabhjotBadshah's XI Cricket Club10
45 Sen, KorakStar Cricket Club 10
46 Brar, Sukhjinder SStar Cricket Club 10
47 Jahan, MokhtarHazara Cricket Club10
48 Modgil, AbhishekBadshah's XI Cricket Club10
49 gupta, rohitBadshah's XI Cricket Club10
50 SINGH SHANKY, MANINDERSouthern Lions Cricket Club 10
51 singh, lovejeetStar Cricket Club 10
52 singh, jugrajStar Cricket Club 10
53 singh, gurjantStar Cricket Club 10
54 Hussain, MuhammadHazara Cricket Club10
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.